Our Culture

Here at HM&M we’re not just an accounting firm, we’re a family. Some of our employees have worked at our firm over 10, 20 and even 30 years. This is a testament to the deep-rooted values that are embedded in the HM&M culture and the ability to grow in your career. Integrity, respect and community are an integral part of our team and each person plays a role in our overall success. We celebrate professional and personal achievements and work hard to make HM&M a place our people are proud to be a part. Check out more on our Facebook.

HM&M Gives Back

HM&M is very dedicated to giving back to the community. We encourage involvement by volunteering together to support various organizations such as North Texas Food Bank, AIM for the Cure Melanoma Walk, Operation Care and many others. Many of our members sit on boards of non-profits. We challenge our employees to find their passion and help make the world a better place.

There is no "I" in HM&M

Busy season is hectic in the accounting world, but it is definitely a team effort here at HM&M! Each deadline is celebrated with a happy hour and at various times throughout busy season, dinners and lunches are ordered for the staff so everyone can take a break and visit with their coworkers. The shareholders have special aprons for the events where they are making breakfast for the firm or serving up ice cream sundaes to show their appreciation!

We Celebrate

Here at the HM&M family we enjoy celebrating milestones with each other. Birthdays and work anniversaries are celebrated each month with a treat. We celebrate baby and wedding showers in style!

Together is Better

HM&M believes very much in the open door policy at every level. Teamwork is vital here at HM&M and there is always someone to support and encourage. Each person is assigned a mentor to help guide them on their career path. We work in cohesive teams and collaborate with respect and trust. Each person is dedicated to our clients and to the firm.

Accountants Have More Fun

HM&M has a “Fun” Committee which helps organize events such as Happy Hours, 5Ks, a Texas Rangers tailgate, Top Golf, and Whirlyball. This really gives everyone a chance to socialize outside of the office and get to know each other in a setting outside of the office.

The Foundation of Our Culture Remembered

In January 2013 we lost one of our founding partners, Bill Morgan, to melanoma. He will forever be remembered. Bill left behind a wonderful legacy of integrity, vision and creativity. His personality still remains a strong part of our culture- working hard, making personal relationships, enjoying life and treating people with respect. We strive to make him proud as we carry on his legacy in our firm.

In Loving Memory of Carla Ziots 1964-2017

Shareholder, teammate, mentor and friend. She will be greatly missed by all of us at HM&M.

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