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We are excited to welcome you as a new client and appreciate the trust you have placed in our firm. Throughout our 40 years, HM&M has developed a deep level of knowledge and experience to share with you and help reach your goals. Let’s begin our relationship by first reviewing a few housekeeping items.

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Engagement Letters

One of the first pieces of communication you will receive from HM&M is an Engagement Letter. Sent at the beginning of our relationship and/or if the scope of your work ever changes, the Engagement Letter defines the terms of our agreement. We will send the document electronically for your review and signature via SafeSend Signature, or alternatively, paper format if requested.


HM&M believes in keeping the lines of communication open and our clients informed of the latest accounting, tax and business updates. Throughout your engagement, you will receive emails and phone calls from your advisor and team. You may also receive our bi-monthly newsletter by mail, as well as occasional emails with updates. Additionally, please follow us on social media for real time updates.

We want our communication to be a dialog not a monologue. As important events happen in your life or business that may impact your financial situation from a tax or accounting perspective, keep us in the loop as your personal advisor. Phone calls, emails, lunches, or coffees are great ways for us to stay connected. We also want to be cognizant of your personal preferences, so please let your advisor know the best way to stay in touch with you.

Document Transfer

From time to time, we will need to share confidential information. We take the security and privacy very seriously. Your advisor may exchange documents via ShareFile. This is a quick, simple, direct and secure way for us to exchange information. We will share a secure link with you through email and you may find a lin in the header of our website.

Of course, if the above sounds a bit overwhelming or you are uncomfortable with electronic communications, you are always welcome to come to our offices with your bundled documents. To expedite the process, all that we ask is that the documents being delivered are as complete as possible. Just let your advisor know if you plan to stop by. We’ll have the coffee ready!

Delivery of Product

At the conclusion of your engagement, you will receive a convenient electronic delivery package through SafeSend, which will guide you through the signing processes, including an e-file authorization form. The authorization form allows us to file your tax return electronically. SafeSend is mobile friendly, allowing you to access your tax return and important documents at your convenience. If you would prefer to have your tax return filed by mail there will be an additional $25 fee, please ask your advisor for more details.

Your files and signed tax returns will be readily available on your SafeSend account for the duration of our relationship.

Billing Process and Payment Methods

You can generally expect to receive an invoice every 30 days as your project progresses. Depending on your services, your billing situation may differ slightly. All invoices are due and payable upon receipt. If an invoice is not paid within 30 days, we do reserve the right to suspend services and/or withdraw from providing services. Invoices that remain unpaid for 60 days or more, from the original invoice date, will be assessed a late charge of 1% per month of the total unpaid fee balance.

HM&M offers four payment methods:

  1. Check
  2. ACH
  3. Credit Card – 3.5% processing fee
  4. Financing

The payment options of ACH, credit card, and financing are all accessible from our website.

BDO Alliance USA

HM&M is an independent member of the BDO Alliance USA, a nationwide association of independently owned local and regional accounting, consulting, and service firms. In the event that you have a need expanding beyond our in-house resources, our BDO Alliance USA relationship allows us to provide added assistance without jeopardizing our relationship, independence, or autonomy.

Important Dates and Rates

IRS Calendar: https://www.tax.gov/calendar/

Tax Rates: https://www.forbes.com/sites/kellyphillipserb/2020/10/26/irs-releases-2021-tax-rates-standard-deduction-amounts-and-more/?sh=3ba6c70a7b91

Other Services

HM&M is a multispecialty accounting firm here to strategically solve your challenges. Our four service lines: Assurance, Taxation, Business Valuation & Litigation Support, and Accounting Services are outlined below.



Thank you for trusting us with your Audit, Tax, Business Valuation & Litigation Support and Accounting needs!

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