Students & Campus Recruits

HM&M’s internship program is designed to provide a valuable learning experience.  Students will gain practical knowledge that they can carry with them throughout the rest of their career.

HM&M interns will receive extensive, hands-on training during the first two weeks of the program.  After training, students will be assigned a buddy who will guide them throughout the busy season. They will be given interesting projects covering a wide variety of industries and have the chance to work with diverse clients.  They will also establish and build on professional relationships with other staff members within an encouraging work environment.

This internship program is intended to be inspirational, educational and purposeful.  By the end of the program, our hope is that students will have achieved a list of accomplishments, setting them apart from others.  After successful completion of an internship, full time opportunities may be available.




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Available Positions

Audit & Tax Intern

Summary of Position Interns will perform a wide variety of diversified tax, accounting and audit assignments under the direct supervision of different professionals at various levels. Interns apply accounting knowledge learned in the classroom to the client’s facts and circumstances and performs actual tax and audit duties and assignments along side HM&M’s full time staff.   Essential Functions…