2021 Promotions at HM&M

Employee Promotions

We are pleased to announce that effective July 15, 2021, Alyson Brands, Diana Cetares and Sirena Plitt have attained the designation of Senior Manager; Dan Gius has attained the designation of Supervisory Senior; and Veronica Balderas, Taylor Culberson and Asif Sayeed have attained the designation of Senior. Learn more about each of them below.

Alyson Brands, MBA, CPA

Alyson started with HM&M as an intern in 2011. She has been successful in guiding her clients through audits of all sizes including employee benefit plans, and business in the real estate, oil & gas, manufacturing, and healthcare industries. Join us in congratulating her on her promotion to Senior Manager.


Diana Cetares, MBA, CPA

Diana joined HM&M as an audit staff in 2010. She has been a huge asset to her clients in a variety of industries including real estate, construction, professional services, restaurant franchising, not-for-profit, and employee benefit plans. Join us in congratulating her on her promotion to Senior Manager.


Sirena Plitt, CPA

Sirena began working at HM&M as a Tax Senior in 2015. Her experience has been focused on real estate, construction, retail, oil & gas, and multi-state taxation issues. Join us in congratulating her on her promotion to Senior Manager.


Veronica Balderas, CPA

Veronica started as an intern at HM&M in 2019. She enjoys serving tax clients in the real estate industry and the challenge of constantly learning new things in her role. Join us in congratulating her on her promotion to Senior.



Each has made many valuable contributions to the firm, specifically to their respective departments. They are very hard working and conscientious and display a high level of dedication and responsibility toward completing their assignments. Please join us in congratulating Alyson, Diana, Sirena, Dan, Veronica, Taylor and Asif.

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